You & I Together : Have a Purpose in Reality : Chapter 12 : Man's Inhumanity To Man

A Few Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures
Does No One Remember?

Will Someone Please Make It Stop?

"A Tear For Man"

Just a spot on the earth, a mere 40 acres,
in four years, here, at the hand of man;
2,500,000 people are executed;
500,000 starve to death;
100,000’s more die in transit to
their crime, being men;
the religious
the religious leaders
the handicapped
the mentally unique
the politically incorrect
and in a set of 27 volumes and 25,000,000 words describing the
world of man and men,
all we have to say is:

“Auschwitz, OWSH vihts, was one of the most infamous Nazi concentration camps dur-ing World War/I. Jt was opened in June, 1940, in Auschwitz (now Oswiecim) in Poland, about 30 miles 49 kilometers from Krakow. In June, 1941, it became an extermination center when four huge gas chambers were installed. Rudolf Hess, who directed the camp for more than three years, testified at the Nuremberg trials that over 2 1/2 million persons were executed at Auschwitz and 500,000 more starved to death. Most of the people who died at Auschwitz were Jews from German-controlled countries.”
- World Book 1984 Volume I

100 words - no tears

Need anymore be said about mans’ inhumanity to man?
- Daniel J. Shepard

"Man’s inhumanity to man, Makes countless thousands mourn!"
- Robert Burns (1759 - 1796
Man Was Made To Mourn (1786)

Mans’ Inhumanity To Man
The early nineteen hundreds begin with one and a half million Armenians dying because they are what they are - Armenians.

The middle nineteen hundreds greet us with fifty million people dying in WWII because, as Hitler said to his generals before implementing his plans to annihilate the Jews, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" Tens of millions of people die deliberately and directly through the order of their own leaders: Hitler and Stalin.

The late nineteen hundreds emerge with billions of people are held hostage by the threat of nuclear annihilation. Ironically the threat is vocalized as the humanitarian action of the century, the action that will keep the world in peace through the mortification of mankind.

The acceleration from the beginning of the century to the end of the century is not a linear progression, but a geometric one. Where will it go from here if we, as a race, if we as a species, if we as individual men, do not intercede?

Hanging within the periphery of these events and interspersed throughout the century, run ‘minor’ incidences by comparison: gas warfare in World War I; 500,000 Rwandans killed at the hands of their brothers; ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia; gassing of Kurds in Iraq; China’s cultural revolution; 100,000 Hereros in Namibia slaughtered by Germans l904 - l907. Is this all? By no means, for technology has progressed much further than just being able to accommoodate these few incidences.

From the beginning of this century to the end, the blood flows as rivers through the pages of our history. We’ve become so good at killing others that new techniques of killing become the novelties of our age. Gas chambers, machine gun massacres, poison gas, and biological warfare replace the bow and arrow.

Man has not forgotten, however, his old standbys of torture: manmade famine, mass drowning, death marches, visits in the night, etc., etc., etc. We become so good at what we do, a new term, "genocide", is introduced in a book written by Raphail Lemkin, a Polish born law professor and a Jew who lost family members in the Holocaust. Sadly, the term is not only introduced but is absorbed without fanfare into the vocabularies of the world. The world embraces the word not with shock but with quiet acceptance and resignation.

The total estimation of the number of lives snuffed out in the most advanced century of mankind runs into the hundreds of millions. Oh, if only this were the extent of it. But the list moves from mass killings of the masses by the masses to individual killings of individuals by individuals.

Necklacing, the process of soaking a tire in gasoline, placing it around a person’s neck, and then setting it afire, can now be added to shooting, stabbing, rape, incest, hit men, and serial killing. The list, will it ever stop?

Mothers kill their own children; children kill their own parents; husbands kill their wives; wives kill their husbands; neighbor kills neighbor; employee kills boss; customer kills clerk; stranger kills stranger; and on it goes. Will it never end?

Then comes the violence of intimidation intended to strike fear into the hearts of the victim through: stalking, obscene phone calls, law suits, car jackings, breaking and entering, robbery, child abuse, spousal abuse, parent abuse, community ostracism, sexual harassment, ad infinitum. Does it finally stop here?! Sadly no, for mans’ inhumanity to man then moves into man’s inhumanity to himself.

This emerges as: drug abuse, alcoholism, self-deprivation, suicide, coccooning, anorexia, smoking, TV addiction, self imposed guilt, gambling addictions, etc., etc. Then to be even more efficient, the ideas and suggestions for: types, techniques, creativity, implementation, detection avoidance, and glorification of violence and the threat of violence has improved. No longer do the methods surrounding violence have to be spread through word of mouth. No longer does the violent act stay localized. With the advent of the mass media: radio, TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, video tapes, and the internet, the capabilities to spread all types of violence has become not only extremely efficient but actually competitive between the media. Competition to be the first and best in their reporting, dramatizing, and selling the product of violence and intimidation sweeps the media like a highly contagious disease. The past brings us the hundred years wars, Mongol invasions, crusades, inquisitions, child work factories, torture, forced confessions, iron maiden, guillotine, stoning, branding, burning at the stake, ad nausea.

The present brings us necklacing, biological warfare, chemical warfare, internet intimidation, racing, nuclear warfare, 15 minute notification of imminent destruction of millions, incarcinogens, radioactive contamination, ozone depletion, global warming, letter bombings, to mention just a few.

Is it any wonder that so many people are depressed today? Is it any wonder so many people suffer from anxiety attacks? Is it any wonder that people are starting to isolate themselves within the confines of their own homes?

Is it all doom and gloom? Is it all hopeless? Why is the negative accelerating? Is there any hope at all? Something must change, but what?

The past has not shown us the way to reduce this trend of violence and inhumanity of man to man. This problem has increased geometrically throughout time. The medias’ drive to be the first with the best and most has lead to the fierce competition to glorify, glamorize, and rationalize the violence and inhumanity. This has lead to an explosion of exposure to the elderly, middle age, and what is truly sad, the teens and children of our society. The impressionable are being indoctrinated to the very behavior that we as a society abhor.

One must wonder - if those producing these media exposures are aware of the fact that they will live the results of their labors for eternity, through the Ripple Effect. No amount of rationalizing or logic will prevent their living eternity through the fruits of their labors. The effects the violence generated by their work will lay as surely on their shoulders as those that committed the acts influenced by the producers of the mass media articles and programs.

We have come to the point where we must finally answer our age old questions: "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose in life?" It is the answers to these two questions that seems to be holding man and mankind up in its quest for true peace: peace of the heart, peace of the soul, peace of man towards man, peace of man to mankind.

With the answers to these two questions, we can finally come to terms with ourselves, come to terms with our very souls, our essence, and accept ourselves and all others as equally important entities in the confines of reality.

Perhaps "the philosophy" will act as a first step to the realization of just who we really are and just what our purpose in life really is. Perhaps a universal philosophy will show man the follies of his ways. Perhaps a universal philosophy will assist him in changing. ‘Changing what?’, you ask. Changing the direction of the speeding locomotive of historical trends which consistantily moves towards the continuation of man’s inhumanity to man.

Does no one remember? Yes, we do. People just don’t understand how to change it. Will someone please make it stop? No, they won’t. We must do it ourselves as individuals. We cannot rely on someone else to do it. Tolerance of all men, acceptance of all men as true equals, understanding of the fact that all men are truly brothers through the soul, through a common purpose in reality, is what will finally unite all men. The understanding of why we may literally live, for the eternity, the effects of our actions is the only thing that will cause men to pause, reflect, and weigh the results of their actions before taking the actual action.

Answering the questions, "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose in life?" could well lead us to finding relief for the troubled soul. Can we find resolution to the violence, resolution to man and mankind’s uncertainty of their significance in reality, resolution of man’s and mankinds’ intolerance toward other men, their very brothers in the afterlife.

Men must begin to accept the reality that the actions they take today become their very own living hell tomorrow. Men must begin to accept the fact that they are responsible for their own actions and there will be no one else to whom he can shift the responsibility and there will be no excuses which will remove the results from his own eternity.

Is there hope?

Yes, we can always hope. But hope is not enough. Hope has been with us since we emerged into this universe. It is action we must look to. And what precedes action must be understanding. We must be a willing to merge and use our perceptions of faith - religion, observations - science, and rational thinking - philosophy to build an understanding to the questions: ‘What am I?’ and ‘Why do I exist?’

If we are willing to build a model of a universal philosophy explaining the relationship between the individual, the universe, and what lies beyond the universe, we can change the vector of the past. With understanding we can leap from being what we were into being something we can feel proud of as a species and as individuals. We can, with a change in perception of who we are and why we exist, enter the heavens with our heads held high, proud of being human.

In Summary

Man Is Inhumane To Mankind

Man Is Inhumane To Man

Man Is Inhumane To Himself

We Need To Understand Our Purpose

Understanding Will Lead To True
Acceptance Of All Men

Understanding Will Lead To True
Acceptance Of Ourselves By Ourselves

No One Can Change It But You