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Unified View
attaining knowledge as a species, III:287
consequences for Causative Force, III:295
defining life, III:294
effects on society, III:285-286
free will, III:290
relationship with panentheism, III:288
responsibility, III:290
significance and purpose of life, III:289
what it can offer individuals, III:291
what it can offer other life forms, III:293
what it can offer our species, III:292

Universal Philosophy
abortion and the consequence for the soul, I:246
absence of a supreme being, III:114
absence of hope under atheism, III:122-123
achieving and maintaining, III:213
atheism and the soul, I:236
awareness, III:186
begin developing, III:248
Causative Force, III:186
changing society, I:143
Christian understanding of nature, III:67
companion to religion, II:151
created from nothingness, III:91, 184
defining morality and purpose, II:5
destruction and the soul, III:139
destruction, III:139, 158
elevates responsibility for actions, I:175
entropy, III:158
establish foundation, II:157
existing within Causative Force, III:104
God and revenge, I:345
growth, decay and entropy, III:159
Hindu dissolving, III:182
Hinduism, III:31
Humankind’s lack, II:24
implementation, II:195
importance of life, III:74
is it outside or within Causative Force?, III:216
Islamic teaching, III:79, 85
journeying, III:186
Judaism and Causative Force, III:43
Mankind’s future, I:185
nature and structure of Universe, III:79
omniscient nature of Causative Force, III:109
ontology, III:91
other life forms, III:273
outside of Causative Force, III:216
palaeomagnetism, III:243
panentheism and set theory, III:196
panentheism and understanding, III:139
protecting the journey of everyone, III:213
provides an understanding of Man’s purpose, I:175
reducible to nothingness, III:215
relationship to Causative Force, III:47
relationship to atheistic beliefs, III:115
relationship to universal morality, II:5
science as a tool of understanding, III:103
science’s perception of boundary, III:114
significance of atheism, III:121
significance of ecological niche, III:233
significance of existence, III:233D E X
significance of life, III:61
significance or other life forms, III:109
symbiosis, III:267
symmetry and creation, III:183
temporary, III:192
The Big Bang, III:171-172
theism and existence, III:127
three possible states, III:159
topology and Causative Force, III:220
topology, III:219
understanding and applying, I:287

annihilation, I:64
Asimov’s belief that it could self-destruct, I:92
basic building block, II:49
boundary and limits, II:40
composed of matter and energy, I:55
creation, I:92, II:68, 84
destruction, I:91-92, 55, 86
Einstein’s theory of a bounded, I:71
four leafed clover concept, I:48, 55
four stages of its creation and destruction, I:91
God knowing, I:63
God, II:161
God’s creation, II:52
infinite, I:37
Klein bottle construction, II:34, 40, 81
limitless limits, I:37, 71
limitless, I:37
limits, I:73
located within God’s consciousness, I:66
nature, I:93
omniscient presence, II:161
one of four, I:55
outer limits, II:27
parallel, I:49, II:87
presence of other life forms, II:36
quark, II:49
structure, II:101
structured as a multitude of laboratories, I:91
The Big Bang II:68
why it was constructed – The Missing Link, I:92


Van Gogh
status and position within society, I:225

elimination, II:202
society, II:196

Asimov’s theory of how a void could be created, I:56
creation of ‘something’ from ‘nothing’, I:57

quote, I:351


definition of life, II:7
Roe vs. Wade, II:7
soul of Man, I:241

Washington, Booker T.
quote, I:179

importance to God, II:196
society, II:196
subjugation, II:196

World War I
gas warfare, I:140

World War II
Armenians, I:139
casualties, II:7
causes, I:100
consequence for Mankind, I:242
consequence for the soul, I:242
fifty million lives lost, I:101
Hitler and the Jews, I:139
Man’s interference, I:242
Stalin, I:139

World War III
abortion, II:14, 8