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case involving two Delaware teenagers, II:1
is it ever right to take the life of another?, I:244
is it moral or immoral?, I:240
what are the consequences for God?, I:244
what are the consequences for the soul?, I:240, 244

suicide and the soul - what are the dangers?, I:253-254
what can it say about the meaning of life?, I:163
what does ‘the Philosophy’ tell us?, I:162

Alien Species
consequences of contacting, II:74
subversive actions, II:75, 80

Ancient Philosophy
effects upon society, III:333
helping us to understand life, III:338
Humankind’s significance to Causative Force, III:343
relationship to panentheism, III:336
significance of existence, III:337
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:342
understanding the Universe, III:335
what it can offer other life forms, III:341
what it can offer us as a species, III:334, 340
what it can offer us as individuals, III:339

absence of Causative Force within Universe, III:113
belief established within society, III:113
consequences for Causative Force, III:120
defining away significance of Humankind in eternity, III:122-123
differs from panentheism, III:117
disbelief in a supreme being and perception of the Universe, III:114
has it a role to play?, I:232
how does it relate to religion?, I:232
how does it relate to the Ripple Effect?, I:235
how it characterizes Causative Force, III:124
limiting significance of our species, III:132
limiting the boundaries of our existence, III:116
limiting the significance of life, III:129
necessity for respect for religions and other faiths, I:233
non-belief - how does it relate to God’s purpose?, I:26
perception and significance as a species, III:118
provided great service in helping to understand significance, III:119
putting a limit on the value of life and existence, III:130
rationalizes the process of subjugation, III:120
relationship to set theory, III:196, 203-204
significance for other life forms in the Universe, III:121
significance of life, III:117-118
what it has to offer us as individuals, III:114, 119
what it implies about the Universe, III:115
what it reinforces about panentheism, III:116

nature is to change, III:185
never destroyed, III:187


how comforting and reassuring concepts relate to our lives, I:29
Man’s historical belief in some form of God or Creator, I:27

Big Bang, The
boundary to the Universe, III:185
elevating significance of individuals, III:177
elevating significance of other life forms, III:177
Humankind’s relationship to Causative Force, III:179
implies that our Universe is temporary, III:178
insights established within society, III:169-170
offering us hope as individuals, III:175-176
provides understanding of boundary to Universe, III:175-176
provides understanding of existence, III:175-177
reinforcing our understanding of life, III:173-174
scientific insight into eternity, III:175
what it has to offer other life forms, III:177
what it has to offer us as a species, III:176
what it has to offer us as individuals, III:175
what it implies about the Universe, III:171-172

behavior affecting Causative Force, III:63
building the bridge from East to West, III:53-54
consequences of the Ripple Effect, III:58
effects on society, III:53-55
helping Humankind understand what life is, III:58
importance of eliminating suffering, III:61
intolerance of suffering, III:91
providing an understanding of the significance of life, III:57
providing significance for the individual, III:59
rational belief in the importance of eliminating suffering, III:62
reinforcing the concept of panentheism, III:56
significance for other life forms in the Universe, III:61
significance of life in eternity, III:59
strive to eliminate suffering within society, III:53-54, 64
suffering need not be tolerated within society, III:55
understanding our journey through life, III:59


Capital Punishment
consequences for the soul, I:263
interfering with journey of Causative Force, III:111
protection of society, I:266
what are the issues for Mankind?, I:260-262

not necessary to dismantle, III:135

Causative Force (see God and Creator)
ability of individuals to influence, III:164-165
absence under atheism, III:122-123
achieving a new understanding, III:111
affected by atheistic beliefs, III:120
affected by Humankind’s behavior, III:63, 68
assisting her development, III:88, 251
atheism and its implications, III:115
atheistic beliefs, III:113
awareness and essence, III:262
awareness and existence, III:247
belief in her existence, III:100
capital punishment interfering with journey, III:111
changing our perceptions, III:75, 111
characteristics assigned by panentheism, III:148
characteristised as ‘all loving’, III:140
characteristised as ‘all present’, III:140
choosing to create our Universe, III:93
Christianity’s conception of size and significance, III:76
concept of love and equality within our species, III:73, 75
consequences of Humankind’s actions, III:69
creating some-thing from no-thing, III:182
creation of space to gain knowledge and experience, III:209-210
creation of the Universe, III:31, 226
defining connection to life, III:95
effects of panentheism, III:142-143
entropy and the nature of life, III:161-162
essence of the individual, III:39
eternal and tied to the soul, III:93
forgiveness for negative behavior, III:81-82
growth and change, III:191
Humankind assigning characteristics, III:136
Humankind’s behavior leading to abuse, III:121
Humankind’s importance, III:87
Humankind’s perception needs to change, III:71, 87
increasing awareness, III:215
increasing her knowledge, III:251
interdependent relationship with Humankind, III:167
interfering with journey, III:88
journey of the individual must be respected, III:86
Judaism and the nature of the Universe, III:43
judging Humankind, III:38
nature of the Universe, III:47
negative effects upon, III:191
omnipresence and existence, III:92
omnipresence and the elimination of suffering, III:56
omnipresent and existing everywhere, III:83
omnipresent and omniscient o all present, III:93
omnipresent force, III:68, 192
omniscience and the individual, III:190
omniscience and total awareness, III:166-167
ontology and the significance of Humankind, III:99
origin of the Universe, III:184
panentheism and concept of omnipresence, III:138
panentheism and Humankind, III:72, 141
panentheism and omnipresence, III:137, 140
paradoxes implicit in theism, III:207
perception and atheism, III:130
perception of equilibrium, III:171-172
philosophical perception and influence of ontology, III:90
positive effects upon, III:191
possessing a creator, III:116
relationship to Humankind, III:32-33, 147, 167
relationship to self, III:39
relationship to the soul, III:33
relationship to the Universe, III:44, 185
science expanding our perception, III:102
significance and importance of life, III:105-106
significance of homo-, III:263
significance of Humankind, III:45, 48, 75, 110-111, 132
significance of life, III:60, 129, 227
significance of other life forms, III:201
significance of our species, III:200
significance of symbiosis, III:275
significance of symmetry, III:191
significance of the individual, III:35-36, 108, 199
significance of the soul, III:51, 96
soul returning to, III:187
status of Humankind, III:211-212
symbiosis and interaction, III:269-270
theism and its support for panentheism, III:128
theism and omnipresence, III:125
theism and the concept of size, III:126
topology of the Universe, III:220
total awareness within Universe, III:186
travelling reality, III:35
Universe existing within, III:104
what Humankind has to offer, III:96
what set theory implies III:203
what the Big Bang can tell us about size, III:173

Causative Force and omniscience, III:258
comparisons with ‘the Philosophy’, I:352
concept of loving one another, III:65
consequences of actions, III:69
eliminating suffering within society, III:65-66
helping to understand our Universe, III:67
loving one another, III:67-68, 72, 74-75, 178
reinforcing concept of equality with each other, III:75
reinforcing significance of existence, III:69
relationship of Humankind to Causative Force, III:75
relationship to other religions, I:351
relationship to symbiotic panentheism, III:76
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:74
significance of soul is tied to eternity, III:74
treating everyone equally and with love, III:66
what it can offer other life forms in the Universe, III:73
what it can offer our species, III:66, 72
what it can offer society, III:71
what it can offer the individual, III:71
what it tells us about life, III:70

do they need to reassess their present assumptions?, I:151
is their portrayal of God accurate or inaccurate?, I:27
judging Judas - the absence of forgiveness, I:152

status and growth, II:53

good and evil, I:327
morality and immorality, I:327
right and wrong, I:327

effects on society, III:309
helping us to understand what life is, III:314
helping us understand the Universe, III:311
Humankind’s relationship to Causative Force, III:319
implies a need for order, III:312
what it can offer other life forms, III:317
what it can offer us as a species, III:316
what it can offer us as individuals, III:315
what it can tell us about our significance in eternity, III:318
what it can tell us about the significance of existence, III:313
what it has to offer society, III:310

necessity for a new perception, I:37
present way of looking too simplistic, I:37

Creator (see God and Causative Force)
creating a new perspective, II:89
gift of life, II:70
Humankind - feelings of anger, II:88
Humankind - feelings of inferiority, II:56
Humankind’s perception, II:63
increasing knowledge, II:46
increasing power, II:46
Mankind necessary for Its omnipotence, I:181
Mankind necessary for Its omnipresence, I:181
Mankind necessary for Its omniscience, I:181
relationship with Humankind, II:84
significance of Humankind, III:45
size of and the significance for existence, III:57
value and purpose of Humankind, II:98


defining beginning and end, II:8
medical definitions, II:9

not necessary to dismantle, III:135


Early Christian Philosophy
effects upon society, III:345
helping us to understand nature of life, III:350
reinforcing significance of life, III:349, 354
relationship of Humankind to Causative Force, III:355
relationship to panentheism, III:348
what it can offer other life forms, III:353
what it can offer us as a species, III:346, 352
what it can offer us as individuals, III:351
what it can tell us about the Universe, III:347

Ecological Niche
established within society, III:229
existence of the Universe, III:233
future of the human race, III:236
helping us to understand life, III:234
implications for our Universe, III:231
reinforcing significance of existence, III:233
relationship to panentheism, III:232, 240
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:238
what does it imply about our relationship to Causative Force?, III:239
what it has to offer other life forms, III:237
what it has to offer us as a species, III:230, 236
what it has to offer us as individuals, III:235

Economic Systems
not necessary to dismantle, III:135

decay of the Universe, III:159
effects of science on society, III:157
how does it reinforce concept of panentheism?, III:160, 163, 168
implies that life and change are interconnected, III:161-162
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:166-167
three possible states of existence of Universe, III:159
what it can offer other life forms, III:165
what it can offer us as a species, III:158, 164

Humankind’s actions influencing, III:62
justice existing in eternity, III:79
significance of Humankind, III:146, 166-167, 169-170
significance of Judaism, III:50
significance of panentheism, III:146
significance of Hinduism, III:37
significance of Judaism, III:49