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concept established within society, III:241
relationship to panentheism, III:244, 252
significance of existence, III:245
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:250
significance of Humankind to Causative Force, III:251
understanding what life is, III:246
what it has to offer other life forms, III:249
what it has to offer our species, III:242, 248
what it has to offer us as individuals, III:247
what it implies about the Universe, III:243

accepted as a belief system, II:202
accepted by society, II:206, 207
adoption by Humankind as a philosophy, II:52, 86
assigning true omnipresence to Causative Force, III:137
beginning and growth of, II:145
being a part of the whole, III:199-201
changing and altering our perceptions, II:157
characteristics assigned to Causative Force, III:148
Christianity’s relationship to Causative Force, III:76
closer to the truth of reality, II:194
concept not easily accepted by society, II:156
concept of an all present Causative Force, III:73
concept of equality among Humankind, II:192
concept of equality and how it relates to Humankind’s value and importance to God, II:191
concept of universal tolerance, II:27
creating radical changes within society, II:174
destroying the rationale for abuse within society, II:156
does the Causative Force need you?, III:141
effects of Humankind’s behavior on Causative Force, III:68
effects on Causative Force, III:142-143
elevates size and significance of Causative Force, III:76
emerging and developing philosophy, II:155
finding a home for the soul, III:147
fundamental logic, II:193
how is it reinforced by our knowledge of entropy?, III:160, 163
how theism supports and reinforces, III:128
Humankind returning to Causative Force, III:72
Humankind’s adoption, II:72
Humankind’s higher purpose in reality, II:26
Humankind’s significance, II:91
immersion in ‘the Philosophy’, II:48
importance of Humankind within the Universe, II:43
necessity for Humankind to act responsibly, III:68
not a religion, but a foundation for religion, III:44
not wholly embraced by religions, III:142-143
omnipresence and Causative Force, III:140, 180
parallel Universes and Humankind’s future, II:92
pervading society, II:211
philosophical perception of reality, II:155
placing responsibility upon life, III:117
provides understanding of Universe, III:139
providing foundation for religions, III:52
providing rationale for hope and optimism III:202
radical change within society, II:211
reality existing within God, II:155
reinforced by Buddhism, III:56
reinforced by concept of The Big Bang, III:180
reinforced by Hinduism, III:40
reinforced by ontology, III:92
reinforces religions, but requires a new perception of significance, III:138
reinforcing Buddhism, III:64
reinforcing concept of ecological niche, III:240
reinforcing concept of homo-, III:264
reinforcing ontology, III:100
reinforcing science, III:112
reinforcing significance of palaeomagnetism, III:252
reinforcing, not undermining religion, science and philosophy, III:204
rejected by society, II:206-207
relationship of Humankind to Causative Force, III:147
relationship of symmetry to our understanding, III:184
relationship to atheism, III:116
relationship to ecological niche, III:232
relationship to Hinduism, III:31, 37
relationship to homo-, III:256
relationship to palaeomagnetism, III:244
relationship to pantheism, II:159
relationship to science, III:104
relationship to set theory, III:196, 203-204
relationship to symbiosis, III:276
relationship to symmetry, III:192
relationship to theism, II:159
relationship to topology, III:220
relationship with Islamic teaching, III:80, 88
requires modification of our present perceptions, III:138
resolving many paradoxes of religions, III:144
responsibility for actions and behavior, III:146
seeds of growth within society, II:204-205
set theory leading to understanding, III:194-195
significance and Causative Force, III:141
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:146
significance of life and the elimination of suffering, III:60
simple in concept, but radical in practice, II:207
simple yet complex philosophy, II:186
simplicity of concept, II:211
supported by Hinduism, III:34
supporting concept of topology, III:228
understanding of Humankind’s purpose in reality, II:103
universal philosophy and society, II:12
what does it have to offer us?, III:138, 144
what it has to offer other life forms, III:145
what it says, II:186
what symbiosis implies, III:268

consequences of continuing present beliefs, II:86
inclusive, not exclusive, philosophy, III:207
relationship to panentheism, II:194
relationship to set theory, III:196, 203-204
what it to offer us, III:114

need for resolution or destruction, I:111

elevated to the level of God, II:205
gaining knowledge of their true value and importance, II:138
visionaries for the future, II:137

asking the first question - why?, I:44
asking the fundamental questions to find the truth, I:46

application of abstract concepts, III:218
basic concepts of panentheism, II:12
basic concepts of theism, II:11, 13
battle of perception, II:25
different approaches to the search for truth, I:39
easier to repress than science, III:255
failure to change perspective, II:61
necessity for ‘circular’ reasoning in order to find the truth, I:38
necessity for ‘quadratic’ thinking in order to solve the problems of life, I:39
necessity for Mankind to think not in a linear way, but in a quadratic way, I:38
quadratic vs. linear thinking, I:39
significance of panentheism, II:48

Philosophy, Religion, Science
effects on society, III:297
helping us to understand life, III:302
Humankind’s significance in eternity, III:306
importance of panentheism, III:300
life and existence within the Universe, III:301
significance and purpose within the Universe, III:299
what they can tell us about Humankind’s relationship to Causative Force, III:307
what they have to offer other life forms, III:305
what they offer the individual, III:303
what they offer us as a species, III:298, 304

Philosophy, the
basic principles, II:185-186
belief in equality of religion, I:288
belief in the inherent value of every human being, I:175
changing our ideas about capital punishment and life incarceration, I:262
comparisons with Christianity, I:352
different approaches to the questions of life, I:39
do we need to be more understanding of Judas?, I:155
does not undermine religion, I:170
embraces everything in reality, 157
God and the absence of vengeance, I:345
helping the victims of crime, I:274
helping us reevaluate social norms and behavior, I:276
how can it be applied successfully?, I:122
how it can initiate the first steps of change, I:144
how the Ripple Effect can cause great harm or good, I:143
how the Ripple Effect relates to our behavior, I:80
importance within society, I:288
is Judas a part of God?, I:155
it doesn’t teach, it guides, I:156
its basic concepts explored, I:241
Mankind’s purpose in reality, I:344
provides foundation for growth, I:170
provides foundation for religion, but is not itself a religion, I:262, 353, 361
supports religion, I:170
what are its limits?, I:122
what does it say about Man’s purpose?, I:241
what impact could it have for Mankind?, I:121
what is necessary to know in order to begin understanding Man’s true purpose?, I:119
why every person and soul are important, I:175

absence of choice in our actions, III:63

Buddhism and the significance of the Wheel of Dharma, III:418-419
change is necessary within society in order to prevent catastrophe, III:411, 413, 419, 422
Christian concept of unconditional love, III:419
extinction of life on Earth, III:414
geological evidence of change in the Earth’s history, III:414
Humankind’s destiny and purpose, III:411
humbling effect of the third millennium, III:413
Mayan calendar o present cycle to end in the year 2012, III:416
necessity for change to occur within society, III:423
necessity to define Humankind’s purpose, III:413, 419
necessity to elevate worth of the individual, III:412
Nostradamus - giving hope for the future, III:421
Papal Prophecy o is the future predetermined?, III:420
predicting a major setback for Humankind, III:411
predictions of change at the end of the millennium, III:422
preparing for the future, III:423
purpose and significance of the Great Pyramid, III:415
Revelations and the need for change, III:419
significance of the Hopi, III:417
Wheel of Dharma and the end of present cycle, III:419

asking the first question - why?, I:44
Man - first steps in solving the puzzle of life, I:44
putting the pieces together in order to make a complete thought, I:44
putting the pieces together to find an answer to the questions of life, I:45
seeking an answer to the purpose of life, I:44


fundamental building block of Universe, II:49

are omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience based on logic and reason?, I:162
is religion necessary?, I:162
is religion significant?, I:162
is there hope for individuals?, I:162
is there hope for Mankind?, I:162, 288


perception of exploitation within society, II:189

exploration by science, II:59
figment of imagination, II:44
Humankind’s purpose, II:53
is it an accurate representation of the truth?, I:27
significance of Humankind, II:50
who created our reality?, I:27

Reason and Experience
effects upon society, III:369
Humankind’s significance to Causative Force, III:379
reinforcing the significance of life and existence, III:373
relationship and significance for panentheism, III:372
significance of Humankind, III:378
understanding meaning and purpose of life, III:374
understanding the Universe, III:371
understanding what we see, III:370
what it can offer other life forms, III:377
what it can offer us as a species, III:370, 376
what it can offer us as individuals, III:375

acceptance of God within society, II:59
application of abstract concepts, III:218
atheist’s role in teaching and learning, I:233, 236
based on faith, II:5
based on reason, II:5
battle of perception, II:25
belief in eternity, III:62
Christian concept of love, III:66
conflict due to different definitions of God, I:316
difficulty with concept of omnipresence, III:127
how theism supports the concept of panentheism, III:128
how they can prevent stagnation in their beliefs, I:47
influence upon society, II:169
invoking fear about God - is there a better approach?, I:192
judgement and condemnation, II:4
lacks understanding of who Man is, I:343
lingering and struggling in their present form - the necessity for change, I:50
modernizing beliefs and attitudes in order to find the truth of existence, I:50
moral contradictions within society, II:3
necessity for change within society, II:57
necessity for combining religious principles with science, I:45
necessity for cooperation between different faiths, I:50
necessity for religion to comfort the soul, I:197
necessity for tolerance and patience for different beliefs and opinions, I:29
necessity for tolerance and respect of others, I:47
necessity to change their perceptions, III:172
necessity to commence self-introspection, II:161
not necessary to dismantle, III:135
omnipresence and contradictions in belief, III:179
panentheism providing foundation, III:52
panentheism resolving many paradoxes, III:144
paradox concerning omnipresence, III:92, 110, 127
perceiving Causative Force to be in a permanent state of equilibrium, III:171-172
perpetuation of concepts of heaven and hell, I:333
perpetuation of myths and fear within society, I:190
positive and negative effects for Mankind, I:84
professing belief in the soul, III:225
professing omniscience of Causative Force, III:110
refusal to change perspective, II:61
refusal to embrace panentheism, III:142-143
rejecting a companion in reality, II:149
relationship and equality with ‘the Philosophy’, I:288
relationship of Christianity to other beliefs, I:351
relationship with Hinduism, III:33
relationship with science and society, I:36
relationship with science, I:48, III:103
serving Humankind, II:150
significant or necessary? - what can we know?, I:190
society’s modification, II:97
stagnation of perspective in Humankind, II:55
supported by panentheism, III:44
teaching the concept of an eternal soul, III:250
understanding who we are, III:219

Renaissance Philosophy
effects upon society, III:357
helping us to understand life, III:362
reinforcing significance of existence, III:361
relationship of Humankind to Causative Force, III:367
relationship to panentheism, III:360
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:366
what it can offer other life forms, III:365
what it can offer us as a species, III:358, 364
what it can offer us as individuals, III:363
what it can tell us about the Universe, III:359

controversial and sensitive, II:189

benefits and understanding, III:275

Ripple Effect
consequences for Mankind, I:335
consequences of behavior, I:328
effects on the soul, I:328
Mankind’s behavior and mortality, I:334
struggle with life, II:184
suicide and the soul - what are the dangers?, I:254
understanding purpose of life and existence, II:164
what Buddhism tells us about our actions, III:58
what impact could it have for Mankind?, I:143


concept of ‘om’ and its significance to the Universe and Humankind, II:68
concept of a bounded Universe, III:114
expanding our perception of Causative Force, III:102
exploration of reality, II:59
helping Humankind to understand its origins, III:107
helping us to understand our Universe, III:103
influence upon society, II:169
necessity for combining its beliefs with those of religion, I:45
reinforcing concept of panentheism, III:104
reinforcing need for religion, III:103
reinforcing significance of life, III:105
relationship with religious beliefs, I:48
significance of Causative Force, III:112
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:110
significance of Humankind to Causative Force, III:108, 111
significance of other life forms in the Universe, III:109
significant influence on society, III:50
understanding meaning of life, III:106
understanding who we are, III:219
what it can offer the individual, III:107
what it has established within society, III:101
what it has to offer Humankind, III:102, 108

Set Theory
how it reinforces symbiotic panentheism III:204
leading to a universal philosophy, III:196
reinforcing significance of existence, III:197-198
relationship to atheism, III:196, 203-204
relationship to panentheism, III:196, 203-204
relationship to pantheism, III:196, 203-204
relationship to theism, III:196, 203-204
seeing the significance of life, III:197-198
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:202
understanding concept of panentheism, III:194-198
understanding our Universe, III:195
what does it have to offer us?, III:194-195, 200
what has it firmly established within society?, III:193
what has it to offer other life forms?, III:201
what has it to offer us as individuals?, III:199
what it implies about our relationship to Causative Force III:203

theism elevating value of existence, III:136

Social Institutions
absence of free will, II:197
abuses within society, II:206
directives imposed upon by society, II:197
not necessary to dismantle, III:135
tragedy within, II:203

absence of a universal philosophy, II:15
absence of free will in its institutions, II:197
atheism established within society, III:113
based upon equality, II:97
capital punishment and life incarceration - what are the issues?, I:260
directives imposed upon social institutions, II:197
effects of Buddhism, III:53-54
effects of entropy, III:181
effects of Hinduism and monotheism, III:29
effects of Judaism, III:41
effects of modern science, III:101
effects of ontology, III:89
effects of science within, III:157
effects of set theory, III:193
effects of symbiotic panentheism, III:393
helping victims of domestic violence, II:199-200
how does status and hierarchy affect the soul?, I:222
Humankind strengthening structure of, II:79
ignoring the victims of crime, I:273
Islam and the concept of justice, III:78
necessity for care within, II:200
necessity for protection of the soul, I:273
necessity for respect and tolerance for another person’s decisions and actions, I:246
paying debt to - what is involved?, I:260
perpetuation of myths and fear by religion, I:191
possibilities for change and reform - can it happen?, II:210
religious morality and faith, II:3
self-righteousness, II:197
significance of palaeomagnetism, III:241
significance of science within, III:50
social morality and laws, II:2
symbiotic relationship between God and Humankind, II:20
The Big Bang and society, III:169-170
violence towards differing social groups within, II:78, 196
what does Mankind need to do in order to fulfill its potential?, I:182
what role does status and hierarchy play?, I:200
what science has established, III:217
with panentheism as its foundation, II:206
without panentheism as its foundation, II:206

accomplishing its journey in eternity, III:88
allowing it to fulfill its destiny and purpose, I:86
atheists’ role in teaching and learning, I:236
consequences of atheistic beliefs - positive or negative?, I:233
distress and suffering it is exposed to, I:37
essence of life, III:225
eventual destruction of the Universe, III:139
existing in eternity, III:80, 82
faulty and limited conceptions, I:317
how does the Ripple Effect relate to Mankind’s purpose?, I:204
how it can transcend this reality, I:95
how its journey relates to Humankind’s and God’s future, II:117
importance and function, II:190
importance of every person in life, I:185
journey in reality, II:170
Judas - what can he teach us about Man’s nature?, I:153
nature of and potential in eternity, III:46
origin and purpose, I:322
panentheism providing a home for the soul, III:147
positive and negative effects of social status and hierarchy, I:222
protecting it within society, I:283
purpose in reality for Humankind and God, II:116
relationship to Hinduism, III:30
relationship to Humankind and the Creator, II:5
religion and atheism - what are the consequences?, I:235
returning to Causative Force, III:187
searching for inner peace and harmony, I:36
setting it free, I:272
significance to Causative Force, III:96
status and society - what are the problems?, I:200
status in reality, II:142
what harm has mass media done to Mankind?, I:172

concepts and implications of space-time, III:206
exploration, II:94
Humankind’s relationship to Causative force, III:215
Humankind’s significance in eternity, III:214
located within Causative Force, III:208
nature and structure, III:206
reinforcing significance of life, III:209-210
relationship to symbiotic panentheism, III:208, 216
what it can tell us about our Universe, III:207
what it has firmly established within society, III:205
what it has to offer other life forms, III:213
what it has to offer us as a species, III:206, 212
what it has to offer us as individuals, III:211

contribution of palaeomagnetism, III:248
significance of homo-, III:260
significance of symbiosis, III:272
what entropy can offer us, III:164
what symmetry can offer us, III:188
what topology can offer us, III:224

consequences of atheistic beliefs, III:120

awareness in eternity, III:81-82
Buddhist intolerance for, III:91
consequences for Causative Force, III:62
consequences for Humankind, III:62
elimination within society, III:55-57, 83-84
ignoring it will cause us great harm, III:84
not to be ignored within society, III:54

is it ever justified?, I:252-253
why should we continue to live?, I:252-253

concept established within society, III:265
relationship with Causative Force, III:266, 275
relationship with panentheism, III:268, 276
significance for other life forms, III:273
significance in eternity, III:274
significance of existence, III:269-270
significance of individuals, III:271
significance of our species, III:266, 272
what it implies about the Universe, III:267

Symbiotic Panentheism
defining life, III:398
effects within society, III:393
existence within the Universe, III:396
importance and significance of life, III:397
importance of free will, III:396, 402
importance of Humankind to Causative Force, III:403
model of a universal philosophy, III:404
philosophy and life, III:398
providing a model of a unified view, III:394
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:402
what it can offer other life forms, III:401
what it can offer us as a species, III:394, 400
what it can offer us as individuals, III:399
what it implies about the nature and structure of the Universe, III:395

energy and the creation of the Universe, III:183
established within society, III:181
helping us to understand life, III:186
helping us to understand the creation of the Universe, III:187
helping us to understand the destruction of the Universe, III:187
reinforcing significance of existence, III:185
reinforcing the concept of panentheism, III:184
relationship to symbiotic panentheism, III:192
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:190
significance to Causative Force, III:191
what does it imply about the Universe?, III:183
what it has to offer other life forms?, III:189
what it has to offer our species?, III:182, 188
what it has to offer the individual, III:187


effects within society, III:321
helping us to understand life, III:326
Humankind’s significance in eternity, III:330
Humankind’s significance to Causative Force, III:331
implications for our Universe, III:323
relationship to panentheism, III:324
significance of life and existence, III:325
what it can offer other life forms, III:329
what it can offer us as a species, III:322, 328
what it can offer us as individuals, III:327

assigning characteristics to Causative Force, III:136
belief that Humankind is humble servant of Creator, II:24
Causative Force ‘almost’ omnipresent, III:125
concept of God, II:18
consequences of continuing present beliefs, II:86
continuing to accept as a philosophy, II:72
elevated significance of existence, III:136
establishing that Universe is not the only existence, III:127
existence and life in eternity, III:129
expanding upon the size of Causative Force, III:126
helping us to understand importance of life, III:130
Humankind is affected by eternity, III:134
importance of life, III:131
including everything but the Universe, III:125
limits as a belief system, II:194
paradoxes within, III:208
reinforcing significance of life, III:129
relationship to God, II:66, 69
relationship to panentheism, II:159
relationship to Pantheism, II:159
relationship to set theory, III:196, 203-204
significance in eternity, III:134
significance of Humankind in eternity, III:134
what it can offer other life forms, III:133
what it can offer our species, III:132, 126
what it can offer the individual, III:131

advantages of quadratic over linear philosophy, I:38
necessity for ‘circular’ reasoning in order to find the truth, I:38

existence and imagination, II:44

not enough, in itself, to stop the growing conflict in the world, I:102-103
time has come to begin searching for better solutions to Mankind’s problems, I:104
why Man needs to be tolerant, I:51

abstract concepts applies to religion and philosophy, III:218
Causative Force and the creation of the Universe, III:226
existence of time, III:227
helping us to understand life, III:222
implications for the Universe, III:219
insights established within society, III:217
relationship to panentheism, III:220, 228
searching for universal truths, III:223
significance of existence, III:221
significance of life in eternity, III:226
significance of life to Causative Force, III:227
significance to other life forms, III:225
what is has to offer us as a species, III:218, 224
what is has to offer us as individuals, III:223