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Unified View
attaining knowledge as a species, III:287
consequences for Causative Force, III:295
defining life, III:294
effects on society, III:285-286
free will and responsibility, III:290
relationship with panentheism, III:288
significance and purpose of life, III:289
what it can offer other life forms, III:293
what it can offer us as a species, III:292
what it can offer us as individuals, III:291

Universal Philosophy
achieving and maintaining, III:213
establishing foundation, II:157
helping to define Humankind’s purpose within reality, II:5
implementation within society, II:195
Positive and negative consequences of atheistic beliefs, I:237
protecting the journey of everyone, III:213
relationship to panentheism and set theory, III:196
relationship to set theory, III:196
significance for other life forms, III:273

absence of a supreme being, III:114
absence of hope under atheism, III:122-123
Asimov’s theory that the Universe is composed of four Universes, I:56
awareness and Causative Force, III:186
basic building block, II:49
boundaries and limits imposed by its structure, I:72
Christian understanding of nature, III:67
concept of boundary and structure, III:91
concept of the Klein bottle, II:81
concept of the quark and its relationship to reality, II:49
created from nothingness, III:31, 91, 184
creation and origin, II:68, 84
eventual destruction, III:139, 158
existing within Causative Force, III:104
God and the creation of ‘nothingness’, I:58
God’s creation, II:52
God’s relationship, II:161
growth, decay and entropy, III:159
Hindu concept of dissolving, III:182
how it’s constructed and how it can be destroyed, I:57
how its structure appears to limit Humankind, II:101
Humankind’s presence, II:42
implications of a boundary and limit, II:35, 41
implications of parallel Universes and how they would help explain our reality, I:50
implications of topology, III:219
is it outside or within Causative Force?, III:216
Islamic teaching concerning justice and equality, III:85
Islamic teaching leading to understanding, III:79
its diversity and how it relates to the creation of Man, I:92
its true structure and possible destruction - the implications for Mankind, I:93
journeying through, III:186
Judaism’s relationship to Causative Force, III:43
nature and structure of the Universe, III:79
omniscient nature of Causative Force, III:109
omniscient presence, II:161
outside of Causative Force, III:216
panentheism and our understanding, III:139
reducible to nothingness, III:215
reinforcing significance of existence, III:233
relationship to atheistic beliefs, III:115
relationship to Causative Force, III:47
science as a tool of understanding, III:103
science’s perception of boundary, III:114
scientists propose new theories to explain the structure of the Universe, I:45
set theory leading to understanding, III:195
significance of atheism for other life forms, III:121
significance of ecological niche, III:233
significance of life, III:61
significance of other life forms, III:109
structure resembling Klein bottle, II:34
symmetry and creation, III:183
temporary in nature, III:192
theism and Causative Force, III:126
theism and understanding of existence, III:127
three possible states of existence, III:159
topology and Causative Force, III:220
value and importance of all life forms, III:74
what can we know from entropy, III:158
what ontology has thought us, III:91
what palaeomagnetism implies, III:243
what symbiosis implies, III:267
what The Big Bang implies, III:171-172


elimination within society, II:202
presence within society and its consequences, II:196


is it ever justified?, I:242
Is it moral or right to participate in violence?, I:240
is there such a thing as a moral war?, I:242
what implications are there for the soul?, I:240, 242

importance to God, II:196
subjugation by society, II:196