The War & Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception : Index : Thematic



Finite finites V1, T2
Finite infinities V1, T2
First cause becomes a redundancy, The V2, T7
First cause V2, T7
First Shell V1, T5
First shell: Omnipotence and Omnipresence, The V1, T5
For whom does ‘????’ exist? V3, T17
Formulation V1, T3
Foundation V1, T6
Foundationless V1, T6
Four forms of being/action, The V1, T4
Fredrich Nietzsche
Free will V1, T3
Function of ‘nothing,’ The V2, T10
Function of something, The V2, T10
Functionality of being/actionV1, T4
Fundamental building block of the abstract V1, T4
Fundamental building block of the physical V1, T4
Fusion of: 0/• and •/ 0, The V1, T6
Future does not exist, The V1, T6


George Berkeley V3, T18 T19
‘Being’ does not change V1, T6
‘Being’: Nietzsche is dead and for that matter Hegel is also dead V2, T7
‘Being’? V3, T16
Goodbye concrete, hello abstract V2, T8
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz V3 , T18 T 19
Greek concept of increments, The V1, T1
Growth V2, T12


Hawking: Build the model V3, T14
Hegel introduces the first mirror: Inverse physicality V2, T8
Hegel, Nietzsche and ‘Being’ are all wrong V2, T7
Hegel: Metaphysics is dead V2, T7
Hegel’s ‘open’ dynamic non-Cartesian system V1, T4
Hegel’s mirror V2, T8
Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy V3, T18 T19
Hierarchal systems V2, T12
Historical conflict expanded, The V2, T11
History’s Vector V3, T18
Homogeneity V2, T11
How something, which is unchangeable, can change and remain unchangeable V1, T6
Human Significance V2, T12
Husserl: Find the materials for a universal philosophy V3, T14


Idea leads to the concept that ‘first cause’ is not necessary but the whole is necessary, The V2, T7
Illusion V1, T1
Illusion V2, T8
Illusion V2, T9
Imaginary Numbers V2, T8
In terms of ‘being’/the individual V3, T14
In terms of ‘being’/the individual V3, T14
In terms of ‘being’/the individual V3, T14
In terms of other galactic life forms V3, T14
In terms of other galactic life formsIn terms of the whole itself V3, T14
In terms of our home, the environment V3, T14
In terms of our home, the environment V3, T14
In terms of our home, the environment V3, T14
In terms of our specie V3, T14
In terms of our specie V3, T14
In terms of our specie V3, T14
Incoherency of individuality V2, T8
Incoherency of time V2, T8
Incremental concentric circles V1, T2
Incrementalism and ‘being’/the individual V1, T1
Incrementalism V1, T1
Incrementalism V2, T9
Independent dependency V2, T7
Individuality V1, T3
Infinite finites V1, T2
Infinite infinities V1, T2
Infinite infinities V3, T17
Infinity V2, T8
Infinity divided by one V2, T8
Infinity V2, T10
InfinityV2, T8
Influence of fear, The V2, T10
Innateness V3, Postscript
Internationality: the need ‘for’ a location of determinismV1, T4
Intricacies of concentric circles, The V1, T2
Introduction /Relativistic 1st Principles V1, T2
Introduction Cartesian V1, T6
Introduction Dimensions V2, T8
Introduction to • 1 and 1 V2, T8
Introduction V1, T1 Zeno’s paradoxes V1, T1
Introduction V1, T2
Introduction V1, T4
Introduction V1, T5
Introduction V2, T7
Introduction V3, Postscript
Introduction: ‘Nothingness’ is an integral part of it all V2, T9
Introduction: A new slant on the old V3, T15
Introduction: Before the Pre-Socratics V3, T18 T19
Introduction: If we united religion, science and philosophy, what would it offer us? V3, T14
Introduction: Our responsibilities lie in fulfilling our purpose for existing V3, T16
Introduction: You are still thinking too small V3, T17
Inverse proportionality V1, T4
Isaac Newton V3, T18 T19


Jeremy Bentham & John Stuart Mill: Utilitarianism V3, T18 T19
John Locke V3, T18 T19