The War & Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception : Index : Thematic



Kant’s ‘closed’ dynamic Cartesian system V1, T4
Karl Popper V3, T18 T19
Knowledge V2, T8
Knowledge: The universal building block V2, T8


Lack of a Foundation, The V2, T7
Land of Limited Abstracts: Infinite Finites, The V1, T2
Land of Unlimited Abstracts: Finite Infinities, The V1, T2
Land without the concepts ‘before’ and ‘after’, The V2, T7
Leibniz and the error of addition V1, T5
Let me buy you a beer V2, T12
Letting go V1, T3
Limited abstracts V1, T2
Linear V2, T7
Linguistic Symbolization: Definitions V3, Postscript
Location of ‘imperfection, The’ V1, T5
Location of ‘perfection’, The V1, T5
Location of Determinism, The V1, T4
Location of Free Will, The V1, T4
Locations for being/actionsV1, T4
Logic and Mathematical Foundations: Logical Positivism
Looking for a pattern V3, T17
Ludwig Wittgenstein V3, T18 T19


Matter V2, T10
Matter/energy V2, T10
Medieval Philosophy V3, T18 T19
Mimesis V1, T2
Minimal extreme of knowing V1, T5
Misnomer of ‘free will’, The V1, T4
Missing foundation, The V1, T6
Monist is wrong but the monist is right, The V2, T11
Morality versus categorical imperatives V1, T6
Multi-dimensional Combinations of Tessellations V1, T6
Multiplicity of abstraction V2, T10
Multiplicity of individuality, The V1, T1
Multiplicity of individuality, The V2, T10
Multiplicity V1, T1
Multiplicity V2, T7
Multiplicity V2, T9


Need for ‘a’ whole remains, The V2, T7
Need for ‘a’ whole, The V1, T6
Newtonian ‘i’ - Velocity Equals Distance Divided by Time Introduction, The V2, T8
Niccoló Machiavelli V3, T18 T19
Nietzsche: ‘Being’ is dead V2, T7
Non-Cartesianism V2, T7
Non-Cartesian system V1, T6
Non-Cartesian V1, T6
Non-Cartesian V2, T7
Non-Causal V1, T6
Non-causal, The V1, T6
Non-Centricism V1, T4
Nothing V2, T10
Nothing: the need ‘for’ a location of nothing V1, T4
Nothing’ is not a ‘thing V2, T10
Nothingness V2, T10


Ockham’s Razor V3, T 15
Oil and WaterV1, T4
Omni-benevolence V1, T5
Omnipotence V1, T5
Omnipotence V2, T12
Omnipresence V1, T5
Omnipresence V2, T12
Omniscience V1, T5
Omniscience V1, V2, T12
On ‘being’/the individual acting within ‘Being’: Cartesianism ‘within’ Non-Cartesianism V3
On ‘being’/the individual existing: Non-Cartesianism - Active Observation V2
On ‘being’/the individual: Cartesianism - Passive Observation V1
One divided by infinity V2, T8
One equals infinity divided by infinity V2, T8
One equals zero divided by zero V2, T8
One V2, T8
Ontological Concepts V3, Postscript
Ontological Concepts V3, T 13
Ontological Engineering V3, T13
Ontological Engineering V3, T 13
Ontological mirror V2, T8
Ontological model V2, T12
Ontological perception V2, T12
Ontological perception V2, T8
Metaphysics and Cartesianism revisited V1, T6
Metaphysics V2, T12
Metaphysics V3, Postscript
Order and Strange Attractors V3, Postscript
Our point of departure lays in the heart of Metaphysics itself V2, T12