The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines an aphorism as:-

  1. a concise statement of a principle.
  2. a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment.

Karl Kraus (1874 – 1936) described aphorisms as follows:-

    ‘An aphorism never coincides with truth, they are either a half-truth or one-and-a-half truths’.

The reason aphorisms have difficulty dealing with the complete truth lies in their brevity. Aphorisms do not, ‘… tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.’ Aphorisms tell a piece of the truth.

If these aphorisms stood on their own they
would be no different than any other half-truth or one-and-a-half truths.

These aphorisms, however, do not stand on their own. These aphorisms stand immersed within the framework of a fully detailed holistic system. Each aphorism is validated by a host of articles and essays found within this philosophical project.

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The Holistic System of Symbiotic Panentheism

  1. You are inside, and therefore are a part, a piece of the Divine Being, the Primal Force, the First Cause.
  2. Your actions occur inside, and therefore impact the Divine Being, the Primal Force, the First Cause.


  1. We will never resolve the conflict of abortion until we define three concepts: what is life, when does life begin, and when does life end.


  1. One can forgive a person but one cannot absolve a person of their responsibility.


  1. Who would be so bold as to abuse a piece of God.
  2. Violence evolves out of intolerance. Compassion evolves out of tolerance.

African American

  1. No, you are not black. Your body is black but you, your true essence, like the rest of us is a piece of God and God has no color.

Affirmative Action

  1. One cannot rectify the ‘sins of the father’ by castigating a piece of God that enters this universe after the fact.


  1. Aphorisms are not always gems.

Capital Punishment

  1. Hanging, electrocution, lethal injection, the firing squad – think of it, we are not doing this to men, we are doing this to pieces of God. What arrogance!


  1. No government can lay claim to its citizens any more than it can lay claim to a part of the First Cause.


  1. Physically we have defined death to have occurred when the brain wave stops functioning. Doesn’t this then define when life begins?
  2. Death is simply the end of the physical journey of the soul, a part of the Primal Cause. It is not the end of the Primal Cause.

Deviant Behavior

  1. Behaviors 49.999999% of us commit.
  2. In terms of today’s population, if only three billion of us commit the behavior it is defined as deviant in nature.
  3. 49% of the world’s population is composed of male’s. By definition this makes male participation in heterosexual behavior a deviant behavior.
  4. By definition we all commit deviant behavior in some manner or other.


  1. First Cause does not create evil - man creates evil.
  2. It is so much easier to ask, ‘Why does Primal Cause allow evil to exist?’, and then turn away from it, than to try to do something about it.
  3. The leaders of our present day society have made an art out of shirking responsibility. This will only change when we, you and I, through our actions, insist upon it.


  1. When the ‘church’ excommunicates an individual, a piece of God, from their ranks, just who is it the ‘church’ really thinks they are ‘throwing out’ of the church?
  2. I could never understand the concept of excommunication. I had always thought the church was ‘God’s House’.
  3. Excommunication is just another way of telling God ‘to get lost’.


  1. Fear lies not in death, fear lies in life.


  1. Forgiveness starts at the edge of the soul and extends outwardly to the edge of reality. Responsibility starts at the edge of the soul and extends inwardly to touch the very heart of the soul itself.


  1. Metaphysically speaking: The singularity of an existence, your existence, could not exist without the plurality of existence, other existences.
  2. Geometrically speaking: The singularity of a location existing, a point, could not exist without the plurality of locations, other points existing.


  1. Philosophically - First Cause. Scientifically - Primal Cause, Religiously - Divine Creator. Who cares, ‘by any other name a rose is still a rose.’
  2. At this point in time there are only three possible states of being we can comprehend for God and thus assign to God. They are:-
    1. A state of decaying.
    2. A state of permanent equilibrium.
    3. A state of growing.
  3. A decaying God is not where our best interests lie.
  4. Permanent equilibrium is what we humans often refer to as a state of stagnation.
  5. God is omniscient, and knows how to learn, to grow.
  6. God is in a constant state of growth, learning.
  7. A God in the process of decaying away is probably not the best perception we, as individuals or as a specie, could assign to God.
  8. A God in permanent equilibrium is better known as a God in a permanent state of stagnation. This state of existence does not exactly rise to the level we would idealistically apply to God.
  9. A God in the process of growing would create an image of God which has never before been universally visualized. It would also place a major responsibility upon our shoulders for we would be a part of this process.
  10. At this point in time there are only three possible forms of God we can comprehend and thus assign to God: They are::-
    1. Matter.
    2. Energy.
    3. Abstraction.
  11. As a specie we have outgrown the concept of a God composed of matter.
  12. As a specie we are outgrowing the concept of a God composed of energy.
  13. We are in a constant state of learning.
  14. God is an abstraction.
  15. God is the summation of::-
    1. All that we can conceive.
    2. All that we will ever be able to conceive.
    3. All that we will never be able to conceive.


  1. Guilt is meant to let you know when you’ve done something wrong. It was not meant to be used as a tool to manipulate people.
  2. Using guilt to coerce people to do what you want them to do is no different from verbally or physically abusing people.


  1. What greater Hell can a man create than knowing he is in the process of creating his own personal eternal hell.


  1. When people ask you, ‘Are you a homosexual?’ stop replying, ‘Yes, I am a homosexual!.’ You are not a homosexual. You are a piece of God. You may have homosexual tendencies. You may have a homosexual orientation. You may have your own unique sexual desires, but you, like the rest of us, are a piece of God and nobody, I mean nobody, has the right to abuse, or intimidate any piece of God.

Individual, The

  1. The only philosophical system, which supercedes relativism, is symbiotic panentheism. Under a symbiotic panentheistic perception, the soul is a piece of God and how can any one piece of God be more important than another.
  2. Under symbiotic panentheism, the individual attains the highest value possible. Under this system, without you, God loses a piece of Itself and thus by definition without you God loses Its status as God for God no longer is God.


  1. If we define the beginning of death to be the point at which the brain wave goes flat, what could be more obvious than to define the beginning of life to be when the brain wave begins.
  2. Life, as we know it today, is simply the process of a soul, the essence of the individual, of a piece of God traveling within a physical machine in order to experience within a physical universe.
  3. Life, as we will define it in the future, is any means of traveling and experiencing within this and other universes.
  4. Life is what we define it to be. Until we define life to be at a level above materialism, life will remain defined in such a way as to benefit our desires for personal gain.
  5. The value of life is what we define it to be. We must find a way to define the value of life out of our sphere of influence.
  6. Whenever man attempts to initiate a social system, which favors him personally, he always looks first to the philosophers for a foundation. The foundation he seeks is not one based upon ‘truth’ but rather one, which will justify the social system that benefits him personally.


  1. Even before love, comes tolerance.
  2. Love cannot exist without tolerance.


  1. Metaphysicians have a great responsibility for they lay the foundation for society’s actions.
  2. The ultimate ‘fool’ is the metaphysician who takes his responsibility lightly.
  3. It is not the theist who molds God; it is the metaphysician who does so.
  4. No hole in hell is deep enough for the metaphysician who ignores the impact.


  1. Metaphysics is the study of the five basic questions: Where, What, Why, When, and How?:-
    1. Where are you?
    2. What are you?
    3. Why do you exist?
    4. When did you begin?
    5. How did you begin?
  2. Metaphysics is not the study of:-
    1. Where is God?
    2. What is God?
    3. Why does God exist?
    4. When did God begin?
    5. How did God begin?
  3. The irony of metaphysics: The simpler the level to which one reduces metaphysics the more complex it becomes.
  4. The sophistication of a metaphysical system can be measured by extremes of two groups, children and scholars. Those who fall between the two will never fully appreciate the relevancy of metaphysics.

Metaphysics & Geometry

  1. Metaphysics and Geometry are one in the same. Geometry begins with ‘a’ location. Metaphysics begins with ‘a’ consciousness.
  2. Just as geometry begins with ‘a’ location to understand the ‘whole’, metaphysics must begin with ‘a’ consciousness to understand the ‘whole’.
  3. Geometry does not begin with the whole to understand ‘a’ point, so it is metaphysics must not begin with the ‘whole’ to understand ‘a’ consciousness.
  4. Geometry begins with ‘a’ point and moves outward to understand the ‘whole’. Metaphysics must begin with ‘a’ consciousness and move outward to understand the ‘whole’.
  5. The very first definition of geometry, and therefore all mathematics, is that of ‘a’ point. The very first definition of metaphysics, and therefore all philosophy, must be that of ‘a’ consciousness.
  6. The very first statement of Euclidean geometry is: A point is that which has no part. A point therefore does not exist. It is an impersonal abstraction. The very first statement of Metaphysics should be: A ‘virgin consciousness’ is that which has no knowledge. A ‘virgin consciousness’ therefore does not exist. It is an impersonal abstraction.
  7. The first Cartesian understanding, truth, to evolve from Metaphysics must be: ‘You exist.’, for in the physical, the ‘you’ exists ‘before’ the ’I’.
  8. The first non-Cartesian understanding, truth, to evolve from Metaphysics must be: ‘I exist.’, for in the abstract, the ‘you’ cannot exist ‘until’ the ‘I’ exists.
  9. Geometry only becomes viable with the understanding that other points exist, the ‘whole’ exists. Without the ‘whole’, the point has no existence for it has no dimension. So it is with metaphysics. You only become viable with the existence of the ‘whole’ without the uncountable others ‘You exist.’, existing, would have no meaning for the ‘I’.
  10. The ‘whole’ existing gives credence to ‘a’ point existing. The ‘whole’ existing, gives credence to the ‘I’ existing.’
  11. Without the other points, ‘a’ point has no validity. Without the ‘You exist.’, ‘I exist.’ has no validity.


  1. Garbage collectors: As you pick up garbage from another man’s home, keep in mind: it is God’s house you are cleaning up.
  2. Short order cooks: As you make that hamburger for the person you have never met, remember you are cooking a meal for God.
  3. Teachers: Remember when you go to discipline a student in front of the entire class, before his peers, regardless of what that student has done, they are a piece of God and as such deserve your respect.
  4. Teacher: What greater honor could one have than to prepare God for Its journey through life.
  5. Ministry: What greater honor could one have than to tend to the soul of the individual, a piece of God itself?
  6. Medicine: What greater honor could one have than to relieve the pain God experiences as She journeys through life?
  7. Teaching: What greater honor could one accept than to prepare pieces of God for their journey through life, than to mentor pieces of God Itself.
  8. Parenting: What greater honor could one have than to prepare a vehicle for a piece of God to travel within as it experiences and journeys through this universe.

Ockham's Razor

  1. Complexity lies in simplicity.

Partial Birth Abortion

  1. A soul, a piece of God travels within the body, and we, other pieces of God, decide it is okay to suck out the brains of this new piece of God in order to protect the ‘right’s of the woman. Where is the logic in that?

Philosophy, The Error of

  1. ‘I exist.’, does not give validity to ‘You exist.’ and this is exactly where philosophy has gone wrong over the last twenty-five hundred years.
  2. Perception is important. It leads to the action of tolerance or intolerance.
  3. Intolerance evolves out of the belief that the first ‘truth’ is: ‘I exist’. Tolerance evolves out of the belief that the first ‘truth’ is ‘You exist.’

Real estate

  1. Location, location, location - What more significant piece of real estate could philosophy, science, and religion deed over to you than ownership of a piece of God. Not even government can do that much for you.
  2. You are not in God’s hands, you are totally embraced by God’s presence.


  1. ‘Get real, get with the program.’ And what if the program, reality, is not what is real? What if reality is only reality because we give it our blessing to remain as such?
  2. Is it better to remain in the framework of a reality we create through ignorance while ignoring what reality really is, or is it better to seek out the true nature of reality and work within the ‘true’ framework of reality in order to assist reality accomplish its function?
  3. If as we presently believe, we do not impact G’d, then it is true Reality is what Reality is and that’s the end of it.
  4. If, on the other hand, we do impact G’d, then it could be said Reality is what it is but we mold what it is to become.
  5. Whitehead had it wrong: It is Process and reality, not Process and Reality.
  6. The second error of Whitehead: It is Reality and Process not Process and Reality.
  7. The ‘Reality’ is the totality of abstraction, existence ‘outside’ the physical.
  8. The ‘reality’ is totality of the concrete, existence ‘inside’ the physical.


  1. Enjoy yourself, enjoy those around you, and enjoy life but as you do so, never forget that you have a responsibility to others around you. You ‘owe’ them your respect for they too are pieces of God.
  2. Forgiveness is meant for you to give, responsibility is meant for you to keep.
  3. You cannot absolve a person of responsibility. It is theirs and theirs alone.
  4. Responsibility is yours alone. You cannot give it away.
  5. There is no such thing as ‘passing the buck’ of responsibility.
  6. We too often believe forgiveness is not forgiveness without absolution of responsibility when in fact one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.
  7. You have no more responsibility for your own Mother than your own neighbor and you have no less responsibility for your own neighbor than your own Mother.


  1. So you’ve been ‘saved’, congratulations, but you still cannot ‘keep’ the rest of us out of God. We are already there. God is omnipresent. There is nowhere else for us to be but inside God.
  2. Relax, you are already where you always wanted to be. You are ‘inside’ God.
  3. No one can keep you ‘out’ of God, you are already there. If anyone tries to tell you differently ask them, ‘If God is omnipresent, where else can I be but inside God?’


  1. Society has the ‘right’ to establish sexual codes of public conduct that apply equally to all its members.

Significance of the individual being

  1. In regards to ‘being’ being ‘Being’, what else could ‘being’ be?
  2. How can one piece of God be of more value than another?


  1. Society belongs to all of us. No one has the ‘right’ to infect or contaminate it with their personal abusive behavior.
  2. It is not the passivity of Government, which takes care of the individuals within it, but rather the dynamics of the social components themselves, which do so.


  1. Time is dependent upon the existence of matter and energy, as such time is not what is real.
  2. What is real is that which depends upon nothing else for its existence.
  3. Abstraction is the only thing which is real for it depends upon nothing else for its existence.
  4. The soul, awareness, is an abstraction. It depends upon nothing else for its existence and that’s why it is eternal.
  5. Because time has the potential to be eternal, its not.


  1. The whole – Being
    The Subsets:
    1. ‘being’ (individuality)
    2. being (process)
    3. Being minus ‘being’


  1. Action begins with the declaration of the ‘first truth’.
  2. We best think long and hard regarding what we believe ‘first truth’ to be
  3. Metaphysically speaking: All men are created equally, truths are not.
  4. Truths are perceptual – one is built upon another – therefore not all truths are created equally.
  5. Truths are perceptions generated by men. Souls are perceptions generated by God.
  6. If man is created in the image of God by God, how can man be anything less than God, less than a part of God Itself?

Universe, The

  1. The universe is concrete as opposed to abstract, and therefore is only illusionary.
  2. The physical pain generated within the universe is an abstraction that will never, never go away.
  3. The universe is composed of matter and energy and therefore immersed in time.
  4. The universe is concrete as opposed to abstract, and therefore is a ‘real illusion’ versus being real.


  1. A woman is not a woman any more than a man is a man, a black is a black, a homosexual is a homosexual. A woman is a piece of God like the rest of us, no more, no less.