These definitions have been included in order to give the reader a quick reference to various technical terminology used throughout the work.

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Atheism (n)

  • The physical being Being
  • No abstraction existing

Being (n)

  • Totality minus being

being (n)

  • Awareness of awareness
  • Consciousness of knowledge
  • Individuality of awareness of awareness

being (vb)

  • To be

Consciousness (n)

  • the state of existing with awareness
  • awareness devoid of awareness of awareness

Free Will

  • Actions of ‘free will’ are active actions as opposed to the act of existing in a passive state. Of the four forms of action:
    1. ‘What was’
    2. ‘What is’
    3. ‘What will be’
    4. ‘What could be depending upon your freedom to choose – free will.’

Free will is the fourth form of action. The first three forms of action are forms of determinism, pre-destination, and predestination.

Panentheism (n)

  • All in Being
  • All in totality
  • All in God

Pantheism (n)

  • Being within the physical
  • Abstraction existing only within the physical
  • The limit of all being the physical

Reality (n)

  • Total

reality (n)

  • Location of the physical, matter and energy


  • A state of interdependency between two parts, each of which is distinct from the other, and endowed with the free will to impact the other either negatively or positively

Virgin Consciousness (n)

  • Consciousness with the capacity of awareness of awareness but having none
  • Existence emerging as individuality before it begins its journey of becoming aware
  • Consciousness with no knowledge
  • Consciousness with no dimension
  • Existing while not yet existing