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King, Martin Luther

quote, I:79

Klein Bottle
energy waves, II:93
existence within boundary, II:183
limits of the Universe, II:115
relationship to reality, II:87
significance for reality, II:92
structure of the Universe, II:81, 84, 102

acquiring more, I:28
comfort in our lack, I:29

persecution, I:140


quote, I:71

Lemkin, Raphail
concept of ‘genocide’, I:140

atheism and significance of existence, III:117
beginning and end, I:37
Buddhism, III:58
Causative Force, III:129
defining, II:8, 10, 13, III:94, 258
definitions and truth, III:234
ecological niche, III:234
essence, III:258
eternal, I:37
finding the right path, I:81
Humankind’s understanding, III:57
importance to Causative Force, III:106
limited significance under atheism, III:119
living and experiencing, I:281
meaning and purpose, III:88
nature is to change, III:185
necessary to define, III:95
palaeomagnetism and understanding, III:246
philosophical definition, III:95
purpose, I:281, 284, II:20
relationship to the Creator, II:70
science reinforcing significance, III:105
significance and importance in eternity, III:59
significance in reality, III:129
significance of existence, III:81-82
significance of life, III:46, 118
significance to Causative Force, III:105
significance, II:20
symmetry, III:186
termination, II:376
topology leading to understanding, III:222
understanding Mankind’s purpose, I:171
understanding, III:186
value and importance, III:70
what The Big Bang can tell us, III:174

Life Forms
defining ecological niche, III:237
ecological niche, III:237
effects of atheistic beliefs, III:121
entropy, III:165
homo-, III:261
importance of Christianity, III:73
palaeomagnetism, III:249
panentheism, III:145
significance of symmetry, III:189
significance within Universe, III:109
significance, III:201
symbiosis, III:273
The Big Bang, III:177
theism, III:133
topology, III:225
value and equal status, III:74
what space has to offer them, III:213

Life Incarceration

society and the soul, I:259, 263-264

Lippmann, Walter
quote, I:99

Longfellow, Henry W.
quote, I:119, 221

Christian conception, III:73
recognizing significance, III:71
within society, III:65-66

pillar of society, I:182


quote, I:25

Mankind (see Humankind)
adding to its experiences, I:285
awareness, I:36
becoming God, I:335
being part of God, I:202
belief in God, I:25
capable of good, I:36
challenges, I:194
conceptualization of God, I:26
contradictions, I:35
contribution to omnipotence, I:165
created in the image of God, I:36
destiny, I:180
erroneous actions, I:148
eternal soul - actions upon, I:37
examining its past, I:317, 369
experience and purpose, I:37
feelings of superiority and inferiority, I:199
His purpose in the Universe, I:79
history, I:317
hope, I:179, 184
ignorance of true purpose, I:49
impatience, I:27
interfering with the purpose of the soul, I:203
lacks understanding of God, I:343
lacks understanding of true function in life, I:147
misconceptions about the Creator, I:112
necessity for free will, I:362
necessity for purpose to survive, I:196
next major puzzle, I:43
not let fellow-man suffer, I:73
not replaceable as a species, I:73
one entity among many, I:46
overall purpose, I:28
past, present, and future, I:367
perpetuating misconceptions, I:200
position in our space time continuum, I:27
present and future dangers, I:101
purpose in life, I:36, 49
purpose to create knowledge through experience and creativity, I:221
purpose, I:315
putting the puzzle together, I:43
relationship to God, I:271
searching for customs and personal beliefs, I:28
searching for the true purpose of life, I:196
significance, I:202
soul and purpose, I:201
status and position within society, I:221
stopping its search for a true spiritual Creator, I:27
thoughts, emotions, insights, and knowledge, I:35
tolerance and empathy, I:29
true beginnings, I:36
understanding and acceptance of purpose, I:200
understanding the next major puzzle, I:43
vulnerabililty to annihilation, II:376
weakness, I:271
withdrawing from true purpose, I:195

universal language, II:34

based on energy, II:41

Matter and Anti-Matter
creation of nothingness, I:93

Missionary Work
assisting each other, I:28
everyone is a missionary, I:281
necessity of, I:283
noble journey for the soul, I:284
relevance, I:282

pillar of society, I:182
quote, I:333

law, II:2
logical basis, II:204
relationship to religious faith, II:3
social, II:2

pillar of society, I:182
status and position within society, I:225

quote, I:161

historical conflict, I:100

positive and negative effects within a society, I:189
religion, I:191


Naguib, Mohammed
quote, I:189

Nietzche, Friedrich Wilhelm
quote, I:367

pillar of society, I:182
status and position within society, I:222


discovery by science, II:68

eliminating our present conception, I:112
Mankind’s contribution, I:180
Mankind’s limited understanding, I:111
paradoxes, I:109

Causative Force, III:137, 140-141
eliminating our present conception, I:112
Mankind’s contribution, I:180
Mankind’s limited understanding, I:111
panentheism, III:137, 140-141
paradoxes, I:109
religions, III:143
theism and Causative Force, III:128

eliminating our present conception, I:112
Mankind’s contribution, I:180
Mankind’s limited understanding, I:111
paradoxes, I:109
religious perceptions, III:271

Causative Force, III:90
change in behavior, III:89
conception of a necessary being, III:90
global behavior, III:89
Humankind’s and Causative Force, III:99
reinforcing panentheism, III:92
reinforcing significance of existence, III:93
significance of Humankind, III:98
significance of the individual, III:97
understanding what life is, III:94-96
Universe, III:91
what it can offer us as a species, III:96
what it can offer us as individuals, III:95